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What Causes Baldness?

For men baldness is very often out of their control as the problem is genetic, this is called Male Pattern
Baldness (MPB). If you have family that suffer from baldness it then becomes passed on to the children, so this explains why in the majority of cases baldness for men is completely out of their control.

It’s not only men however that are affected by hair loss, it is estimated that an incredible one in four women suffer from the female version of Pattern Baldness. The first signs of this often occur during the menopause.

There are many myths everywhere on what actually causes baldness from using hair gels, waxes, brushing your hair too much, using hair dryers and many more, the truth is that these are myths. Hair loss is genetic and is very often completely out of our control.

How Can Provillus Help?

Provillus is a 100% natural hair growth supplement specifically designed to fight hair loss and start regrowing hair within a matter of weeks. The product has some excellent testimonials to back this up which is one of the many reasons Provillus has become the leading product in the market.

Provillus have developed two products one for men and one for women, this allows the products to be tailored for each sex to better to treat the hair loss.

Below is a testimonial from a satisfied Provillus user


What to Expect When Ordering?

You get two things when you order Provillus, the first is a topical solution that is applied to the scalp, the solution contains the chemical minoxildil which is an FDA approved drug clinically approved to encourage hair growth.

The second item you receive with your order is a specially formulated vitamin supplement. Each of these supplements contains herbs and minerals that are designed to supply hair follicles with important nutrients.

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Things to be aware of before ordering

  • While Provillus has some fantastic testimonials from customers who have seen great results using the product, results will vary from person to person. Provillus should be used once the first signs of hair loss have begun and not in the late stages of hair loss.
  • The time scale of the results will also vary from person to person, some can see the results of Provillus within weeks of using the product while it may take significantly longer for others.
  • Provillus is only available to buy online and not in retail stores, the best place to buy the product is from the official site so you know you are getting the real deal.
  • Your order comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! This speaks for itself in how confident the makers of Provillus are in their hair loss product.

Not Just For Men!

As touched upon before Provillus is not just for men, in fact there is a dedicated separate product for women! It’s important that women use the product designed for women rather than the product for men.

Hair loss for women can be an even more emotional strain than for men, many women see their hair as their pride and joy. However to start losing hair can see the start of women losing their confidence and self worth, in today’s world appearance is seen to be as important as ever, hair loss no longer has to be a fate for women to accept with Provillus!

Check out this testimonial from a very happy female customer!


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